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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Camangi Webstation

Gamers have play stations. But about the web geeks? The hype about the Apple tablet continues to grow but officially there is no word from Apple. (may be they are dumping that project?) , and the crunchpad project is dead now. So what about web surfers?

Ah! There's something for you. A good news not from Apple n don't wait for Apple. Camangi is launching a webstation and they have started accepting the pre-orders.Camangi WebStation is the best to fulfill your basic Internet needs and an excellent entertainment experience for a diverse age-group anytime and anywhere!
  • It is slim and light.The camangi webstation weights 13.75 ounces, is less than 1/ 3 of Netbook’s average weight. It's 1/2 inch thick(slim), and has a 7-inch wide screen with high-resolution 800x480 pixels.
  • Website of this product says,"Book reader is specially featured in Camangi WebStation. Download ebooks from any eBook store and read your contents in vibrant color through Camangi WebStation". They call it "portable library" as we can read anything which which we cant to read from anywhere.
  • Camangi WebStation offers multiple functions. You can use it to display your digital photo collection and carry your best memories wherever you go. Your WebStation is an eBook or an Internet device for your commute; while the next moment, it becomes a picture frame for your precious photos sitting on your desk or next to your bed wherever you are staying.

  • The new way to enjoy media and entertainment all within a poratble device, With ultra-thin and simple design, you can easily carry it or relax with your favorite movie or music while surfing the Web.The 7-inch widescreen with high-resolution display and 2 high quality speakers will be the ultimate gift for your senses.

  • With the advantage of high portability, it’s no longer necessary to confine yourself into a small screen of a smartphone or carry a heavy notebook just to check your email and facebook while outdoor or on your couch.With Wi-Fi connectivity, Camangi WebStation enables full web access through Internet browser putting the worldwide web under your fingertips.

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