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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gboard for Gmail Emailers

Gboard a unique designed keyboard is in Market now.This Gboard keyboard might not have all 69 Gmail shortcuts, but Gboard includes 19 most used feature , which include R. Thread, Archive, Inbox, Search, favorites, Reply All, Forward, Compose, Spam, Star, Trash, Select, Next, Open/Close and in Google colors.

It is both windows and mac friendly & can also be used for non-Gmail shortcuts. But this not official Google device. And is is available for $19.99 from gboard.co

Dimensions (DxWxH)

* BOX: 6.9 X 4.75 X 0.88 in / 176 x 116 x 22 mm
* PRODUCT: 4.88 X 3.5 X .38 in / 130 X 88 X 9 mm


* 0.3 lb / 0.14 kg (product + packaging)


* Recent Apple OS
* Recent Windows OS

* Current Browser

* USB port
  • Q: what is the Gboard?
  • A: the Gboard is a unique keyboard designed to turbo-charge your Gmail ™ experience. we've put what we feel are the most useful Gmail ™ shortcuts together in one convenient place, with icons and colors to help you access the Gmail™ shortcuts fast.

  • Q: is the Gboard affiliated with Google?
  • A: no. the Gboard works with Gmail ™, but it is in no way affiliated with Google, Inc. Google™, Gmail™ and their respective logos are the property of Google, Inc.

  • Q: what do i need to use the Gboard?
  • A: the Gboard works with both Mac and PC. anyone using Gmail ™ with a qualified web browser and a USB port can use the Gboard.

  • Q: is there any software to install?
  • A: no. software isn't necessary with the Gboard. it operates using the built-in capabilites of your operating system and browser.

  • Q: is it easy?
  • A: yes. as you learn how shortcuts work, and how the Gboard can help you make the most of them, you'll be a pro in no time using all the Gmail ™ shortcuts without even looking.

  • Q: any instructions for this thing?
  • A: the Gboard is mostly self-explanatory, but they've created a help area to help you get started. Happy Gmail ™ shortcutting.

What biggi sayz :

"Within a couple of hours, I hardly had to look away from my screen to tap the correct key."

- PCWorld

"Gboard is the Colorful Gmail Keyboard For Shortcuts That You Need Now"

- Gizmodo

"Looking for the perfect, unique gift for the Gmail addict this holiday season? Look no further than the Gboard..."

- Mashable

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