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Monday, April 12, 2010

Remote control your partner's PC

TeamViewer offers a clean and easy to use interface.

You get to choose whether you want to remote control your partner, share your own desktop with a partner, or just transfer files without sharing your desktop.The magnetic partner list enables instant teamwork. In the TeamViewer partner list you always see which colleague is available – just one mouse click and you are connected.Partner lists are stored centrally and you can access them on any computer you use TeamViewer on.All versions of TeamViewer include full file transfer with file and folder copy. For maximum speed all data is automatically compressed before transmission.TeamViewer offers a lot of options to customize the software exactly how you want to have it.
You can prioritize speed or quality for the display, and even customize the invitation e-mail that is sent to your partners.

TeamViewer QuickSupport (customer module)

Customers don’t need to install anything. TeamViewer QuickSupport is a small and simple executable that can be run without installation.

TeamViewer QuickSupport can easily be customized with your own logo and welcome text!

TeamViewer Host (24/7 access to unattended computers)

TeamViewer Host can run as a system service and enables 24/7 access to remote computers with login/logout and remote reboot capabilities.
BTW: Unlike most competitors TeamViewer includes an unlimited number of free hosts with all licenses - you just pay for the supporter license and your remote servers are included for free!

TeamViewer Web Connector (web based remote access)
TeamViewer Web Connector is the ideal way to conveniently control remote computers from any browser. Since the Web Connector uses only HTML and Flash 9, you can use it in security critical environments, even when ActiveX or Java applications are not allowed. You can even use the Web Connector from Linux machines.

TeamViewer Manager

TeamViewer Manager is an add-on tool that helps manage your partners in a clearly arranged database, including passwords and other details.TeamViewer Manager is included with the Premium license.

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